Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Well it happened. I'm now twenty. An adult, no longer a teen. Weird thinking about it. But I don't feel any different. My birthdays normally don't go well but today I was impressed. I got everything I wanted and needed for the con. Plus extra surprises. I feel really loved and I wouldn't change my life. (of course getting published or having a job would be nice. As well as being married...)

I have high hopes for the future. If Promise Me can't get published I'll be sure to get Insomnium published. This way I can get Promise Me published later on.

For my birthday I had two goals, don't be grumpy and find the underbust waist nipper I wanted. I did both. I do admit I did get a bit touchy, because I was sore from walking and felt gross from the rain making my hair all nasty. But I overlooked my mom's pushiness and had a good day. Lots of foot rubs from my hubby. XD

So I wanted a waist nipper (Underbust corset) to help me feel more confident while wearing my outfits for the con and I didn't find the plain one that was 25$ BUT we went to another store and found the fancier one for only 28$ (It was on sale) So I was very pleased with the item I got. The best thing about it is how well it works. It really does help me feel good about wearing my clothing. The best thing's super comfortable. Shocking right? It feels weird to bend in but otherwise I love the darn thing.

Besides that (And some undergarments) my mother and I stumbled upon a HUGE sale on coats. Normally I have issues finding a good coat. It either doesn't button/zip over my bust, is the wrong style (looks bad on my body type), or is way too much. I got a lovely purple light wool coat that was 100$ for only.....


It fits perfect like it was made for me. I am so pleased. I really needed a good coat with a hood. I live in Oregon. It rains 60% of the time. I am pleased.

When I got home and took a shower, my hubby picked me up and took me to ULTA (a make-up store) and let me pick out a few items. I got two more China Glaze Hunger Games nail polish, a new stick of eyeliner (for the con...), mascara, lip gloss, and Sally H's salon effects no paint nail decals (Or what ever they are called.) They are white with pink dots, which matches my lolita outfit color scheme. I was also surprised with two DS games. A pokemon one and a Kingdom Hearts one. I am very spoiled. >.<

I just hope my rocking horse shoes are going to be shipped by the 5th. Wish me luck!


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