Saturday, March 3, 2012

Day 32

Sakura-con 12

Sakura-con is on it's way! Thirty two days is not very long. I'm feeling very excited. For those who do not know what Sakura-con is, it is a anime/Japanese convention. People dress up as their favorite characters, have photo shoots, make awesome friends, buy Japanese goods and treats. People and bands from all over Asian come to preform. It's a wonderful thing to witness. It's not only anime/manga lovers haven but it's a cultural experience.

Guests from all over the world come to Sakura-con because it's one of the largest conventions held in the NorthWest. This year there are a lot of voice actors and three very cool bands/music artists coming. Last year I was able to see Berryz Kobo, which is a all girl group and it was very fun and exciting because it was my first concert. Totally worth the wait. The lights and fans, all excited and singing along with so much fun to see.

Last year I wasn't able to preform my first cosplay because of the site we ordered from was...well....slow at making our items and lied about the date they would arrive. Sadly we didn't get our items until a month later. But we got to wear them for the first time at Kumori-con. And this year will be our second time wearing our Pandora Hearts outfits.

I'll be going as Sharon. A duchess in the series Pandora Hearts. She's often seen with a character named Break who my hubby is going as. We decided early on in our new hobby that we would go as couples.

It's a rush. That's only way I can really explain it. Dressing up, getting all dolled up, doing make up, putting on wigs, playing the part. It's so much fun. I've always loved dressing up so this is right up my alley. Wigs piss me off. Sharon's is a high ponytail with is attached by a clip. It's heavy and often makes the wig fall off. I guess I have a small head because I kept having to tighten the wig. I later found out one of the inside hooks had broke. Hence why the wig kept coming unsnapped.

This year we're fixing that by buying a huge amount of wig tape. I bought a wig from Gothic Lolita Wigs and it too will need some wig tape.

My favorite thing about cosplaying (costume play) is taking group photo shoots and having people stop you in the halls, asking for your picture. It's so exciting and it gives me a great reason to talk to people I'm normally too shy to.

Most people who are interested in cosplay wonder how they can do it even though they don't have enough confidence. That's easy! Here are some tips.

1. Pick a character you like
Who cares about your height, weight or skin color. Cosplay the person you feel connected to. The character you instantly fall in love with.

2. Gender doesn't matter
Most girls go as guys. So what? If you pull it off right you'll look great! Just remember to bind your chest so you fit the character.

3. Keep to your comfort zone
I'm a big bigger. I have a big chest. I'm not going to waltz around wearing skin tight clothing or wear clothing that shows too much skin. Because I'm not comfortable doing so. It wasn't how I was raised and yes....I'm a prude. My skin is for me to see only. Are you now thinking "Oh hence the username." Yeah...

4. Cosplay with a friend or group
If you have a cosplay in mind but don't know anyone there are tons of people on con forums that are looking to meet up and hang out with other cosplayers of that anime/manga/video game/movie. If you have someone, like me I bring my hubby, have fun with it! Talk it over, get excited, run over poses.

5. Wear the costume for Halloween
Test run your outfit. Get used to it. I just bought a lolita (not cosplay) dress and I'm a bit nervous about wearing it since it's tighter than most of my clothing. I've been trying it on at night and wearing it for a few minutes. I'm feeling much better about wearing it now.

6. Plan ahead
Don't do spur of the moment cosplays. This might leave you uncomfortable and nervous about wearing what you have. plan, plan, plan. Some people plan their outfits year around.

7. Add personal touches
Make it you. Add your own little touches to make the character really pop. The larger the con you go to the higher chance people will be going as the same character. We're going all out this year. We're buying tea cups from Goodwell and are going to drink out of them during the con so we fit into our character's habits. It'll be fun sitting out in the park sipping our drinks in our teacups.

Like any other hobby, it takes time to get good. Our first con we were super nervous and rushed. When people stopped and asked for our pictures we didn't have any set poses and just stood there. It was awkward. This time we're really going as the characters. I'll no longer be Jessica, I'll be Sharon.

Cosplay can be great for so many things. For me I can open up, meet people that like the same things as me. Friends. My main goal this year is to make more friends. Last time we made two. And they are awesome people who we'll get to see during this con. We even got to go to the zoo with them. I'm really excited.

I'll update my thoughts/feelings on the con when the timer hits thirty.


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