Friday, March 2, 2012

CosplayHouse review-PH Break cane (Negative)


So A while back my hubby and I bought this cane for our Pandora Hearts cosplay. We (meaning I) always look through every option before buying cosplay items, so they are the best and cheapest. Sadly I did not look at reviews of this site before giving the OK to buy from this site. What we got was shit.

The order came very quickly, since it was shipped from CA and we're in OR. I don't remember the exact date we ordered or got the item since it's in my hubby's e-mails and I don't remember his pasword. We spent 68.94 +shipping for the Pandora Hearts Break cane/sword.

As you can see on the top picture (this is what is shown on their site) the cane looks lovely. It's well made and painted. The clasp (which is gold) is not painted on and can be unhooked to show the sword piece inside.

This is the piece of shit we got.Link
As you can see on the BEFORE the texture is NOTHING like the picture shown on the website. Yeah, that nice hook clasp that shuts the two pieces together? It was painted on. PAINTED. It wasn't even sanded! The cane is not made out of wood but some cheap material that not only dents easily but cracks and breaks just as easily.

I sanded it and repainted it with not only paint but a gloss varnish and then added on foam pieces for the clasps and it looked much better. BUT it barely held up for one con. It was dented (which we did not rough house, nor allow anyone else to touch it. It had no reason to dent it was treated as if glass) but it snapped in half. I glued it together and it was fine.

Now as I'm getting ready for another con, I was sanding parts down and giving it a new paint job. My dad used a poxy or something on the first crack and it shut together nicely since that stuff dries like glass. But it cracked for a third time tonight hence my poor language.


Communication - 2/5
We sent them e-mails asking about why the product was such crap and we got a very poor excuse. They basically told use what was written under the product description on their site. (I'll update this later after I reread the e-mails)

Shipping - 4/5
Normal shipping. Could have been faster.

Product Quality - 1/5
Piece of shit. Not worth the money.

Would I buy from CosplayHouse again?

No. I wouldn't tell anyone to buy their props from them. EVER. They need to take pictures of the REAL products instead of nice items they don't give you. If you want something really nice, make it yourself. This site is not for you. There is girl on DA who makes Break canes and sells them for around the same price. Go research her, her props are so much better and are made out of wood.


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