Monday, December 3, 2012

Today was good.

In my last post I mentioned how nervous I was about the lack of training. Today was different. I was trained by a very nice guy who explained a lot and showed me the ropes. I did something today I never pictured myself doing....


I have some issues with math and numbers so counting change is really hard for me, especially on the spot. But the lady training me was kind and helped me every time I had issues. When I was done with the check out they all cheered me on, telling me how well I did and that once I get the hang of it I'll do good. It was so heart warming. All the coworkers I've met have been wonderful. Especially today. Every time I've needed help they've jumped on the spot and helped. It really made me feel at home and less nervous. It was only my second day but I felt really comfortable and learned a lot. That's the best part of this job, learning. I enjoy meeting new people too but I'm really enjoying learning new things from this job. I'm very happy with it now.

Although writing and getting published is still my main focus I'm really happy I was given this job. I'm sure with a little more training I'll be able to do everything on my own with confidence. Hopefully tomorrow goes just as well. It's my last day working this week. I can't wait to learn more!


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