Thursday, December 13, 2012

Inspiration, a new project idea.

I get inspired from my hobbies, nature, fairytales, folklore and many other things. I told my fiance the other day I want to try something new once I'm done with the novel I'm working on now. I want to make it full of emotion and passion. A driving force and inspiration for teens who are going through hard times. Like me, many teens are bullied and some face the cold hard fact they want to fade away, get rid of the pain. I don't want to write just any old teen drama.

Reading a mangwa (Korean manga) I was inspired by the two characters. I'll post the link below for you to check out even if you don't like manga, its really good. The plot and characters all have a meaning. It's very emotional and powerful. I believe now what I want to write about and maybe I'll start it once I'm done with The Invisible Prince. I've been through a lot in my life but this mangwa reminds me that there are others who have suffered by far worse. I really want to play with the characters, push them to their limits.

Although I will not give too much away right now, for my projects are always better kept secret until I'm writing them, so I don't wind up getting bored with the novel I'm working on now, I'll only tell you, my dear readers this.

There are two main characters. One comes from a happy home, but wants to die. The other isn't so lucky and is from a broken home and wants to live.

Maybe I may not ever even bother getting this novel published, maybe I'll be brave enough to try. But I do know I'm going to dig into my past a lot, because those raw emotions will really bring together the idea I have. It's only in the first phase of planning right now, like a little seed about to be planted. There is a lot more to do with the idea. It'll be serious, unlike my fantasy/supernatural novels I normally am fond of writing.

Anyway....Sorry for the ramble of random thoughts. The idea hit me so quickly I became excited over it.

So Ta-Ta for now.


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