Saturday, December 29, 2012

Its one of THOSE days

I feel like crawling back into bed and staying there until tomorrow comes. I just feel run down, mentally and physically. Its hard to even sit down and focus solely on writing, even writing this is hard. I already feel like closing out of it and popping Guild Wars up just to get my mind off of everything. I don't want to get into details but I'm having a really hard time right now because of work. There is stuff happening, I'm being screwed majorly and the worst part of it all is the fact I really came to love doing that job. Helping people, answering questions, showing them where things where, cleaning up misplaced items and putting them away. I really liked it. Heck I could have done that for a long time. Many people are telling me what I should be doing. And although I know they are trying to help it just makes me uneasy and pissed that when I need help those people aren't willing to help.

I hate being so down in the dumps on here. I don't want this blog to be about my rants and crud but I just needed to vent. I really don't have any one else besides my fiance to talk to anymore. He's working and I can't bother him with this melodrama every five minutes. So I'm using this blog in place of a friend. It's properly a better listener anyway.

There is so much I want to do with my life but because of all this crap happening it seems it's been frozen. I can't get married if I don't get hours to work, I can't get published or even finish my novel until all this stress goes away so my damn mind can think straight.

Anyway....I think I'm done venting. I really am unsure what else to say. I'm just going to go play Guild Wars and ignore the world.


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