Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Inspired and ready

I was scanning the web last night before I went to bed, looking for news on Holly Black's new novels. I clicked onto her JOURNAL posts and saw how well she kept track of her novel writing process. I read she writes about 1000 per day. She's my favorite author and this made me realize just how human she is. Just how busy life can get and how we can easily push our novels aside for a day. So it really made me inspired to do my best.

Luckily today we're going to the BIGGEST BOOK STORE IN OREGON! So I'm going to pick up a few books to help me push  myself farther along towards my goal. I'm really excited to get The Invisible Prince done so I can work on Crisis Mode Major, which I have decided will be my fourth novel to finish. It will be a lot more serious than my normal novels and will go over some serious issues that teens deal with a lot these days.

I may end up working on it on the weekends, maybe only an hour a day. I have a great vibe for CMM but I don't want to rush it or wind up falling out of love with TIP. So I'm going to take things slow. Although I wont lie I've been thinking about having CMM becoming a online novel. But maybe I wont do that after all....


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