Sunday, December 9, 2012


It's been a weird day. I woke up and realized my hammie, Kuma had been strangely quiet even though I left her water bottle in her cage (She has a habit of climbing it at night.) I opened her cage and found her curled up. She almost seemed as if she were asleep maybe in hibernation, it had been cold in my room but when I touched her side I realized she was gone. I'm a animal lover. The type of person who grieves no matter how big the animal is. It was a bit of a shock. I didn't have her very long. After thinking it over later on int he day I remember the other pet I had gotten from this pet store chain. That it too had issues. So I'm never buying from them again. They must sell sick or old animals. Because when I bought my two gerbils from Petsmart they lived a long time, way longer than normal gerbils live. So if you are looking for a small pet, please buy from them. They make sure their pets are healthy. I'll never be buying from the other pet store again. But at least the little girl went peacefully. She must have fallen asleep and died dreaming. That's the best way to go. I loved her little self.

I'm overwhelmed. With having a full work week and now this, I just feel so overwhelmed. I feel like I have no time to write, no time to be with my fiance. It's very stressful getting used to working. Everything that is bothering me just sort of bubbled up and I lost control and broke down. I'll be fine. Time will heal everything. It's very hard but I've gone through worse. It helps I have something to keep my mind off of everything although I do wish my work hours would be three days and not a full time work week of five days. I suppose this will only push me more to get my novel done so I can (hopefully) get published so I can stop working a part time job and focus solely on what I love most.

For now I am going to go rest, get my mind off of everything and focus on sewing or writing. It's been a long day and I wish it could have gone differently but nature is uncontrollable. Death is natural no matter how bad it hurts. This just hasn't been a good year. But maybe that means next year will be a good one! I can hope...


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