Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Teaser Tuesday

Here is quick sneak peek at my latest project, The Invisible Prince.

I stepped into the grand ballroom and felt as if I were standing alone. Hundreds of nobles moved about me, all wearing black. Here I stood wearing a gown of red, as fiery as my hair. Was this some or sort of joke? As I made my way to pay my respects to the Queen, a hand reached out and grabbed onto my arm. I had seen the woman once before. She stood tall and heavy with child, with dark brown hair and blue eyes. Her gown was black with rose colored trim.

"Follow me."

If I was correct this woman was the eldest child of the queen. I did hope I was wrong. She brought into a room and led me inside, where the Queen herself sat, surrounded by her children. There next to her sat a boy my age, frail and pale. I knew at once this man was the prince I was to murder. So close, yet so far.


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