Saturday, December 17, 2011

First queries

So I sent out three query letters today. After the first one I noticed I made a HUGE mistake. I forgot my contact info. I felt so stupid. I really hope it doesn't matter too much. After I finished my query last night and edited it this morning, I finally got the nerve to send it. I wanted to send more than three but I was getting stressed.

I hate the holiday season....

Any who...

I sent my query letter to

1.The GreenHouse
2. Faye Bender
3.Andrea Brown

Two of which I hope will sign my novel. Right now I'm testing the waters. Seeing how agents respond to my query letter. There is one agent I BADLY want to be signed with so I'm saving him for last. I still have to write my synopsis anyway.

So we'll see how it goes. Agents can reply in one day to months. It's really up to how many letters they have to read and how much time is free. So It's a waiting game. I'm not going to send out any more query letters until I hear back or get rejected. I'll wait until the middle of January before sending out more. In less one or more says no quickly.

I'm stressed, bored and really wishing I had someone to talk to right now. But alas, my hubby is at work. I suppose I'm down in the dumps. I hate not having a job during the holiday season. Maybe my dream will come true and an agent will sign me. That would be nice.

So that's it today. Tomorrow will be Short Story Sunday.


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