Thursday, December 22, 2011

New Project

So I came up with a fun little short story that I'll be posting on this site. As well as a preview of each chapter on my DeviantArt account ---->VictorianMess. So since I missed last Short Story Sunday, where I will be posting these chapter from now on, I'll go ahead and post the first chapter right now. Hopefully this gets some more readers to check out my blog.

So further ado, here is my new multi-chapter short story or novella,


Alice in Wonderland Avatar 1 Pictures, Images and Photos

Chapter one: A sacrifice

I was born from the slums, unknown and unwanted. It had been a cold night and I was sure to die. But they found me and took me home, raising me as her noble daughter, Innocent and perfect with clear blue eyes and hair as golden as the sun. With fair skin, flawless and as white as snow. I was what they dreamed of. But I was lie, a scam. And everyone noticed it.

The city was horrid. The sky was drizzled gray, smokey from the factories. The air was hard to breath and reeked of ash. I hated it. But it was summer and that meant parties and balls. All of which young ladies of high class must attend if they wish to join society. I did not but my dear parents left me no choice.

I sat in the bay window that overlooked the dirty city streets, which were filled to the brim with people of all sorts. Lady Edna, mama's sister stood behind me, carefully fixing my hair. For she was the only one besides mama who I allowed to touch me. She was soft and kind with long blonde hair that was always tied up. Her gray eyes sparkled every time she spoke. She was only a two years younger than mama but much more Innocent, a true lady. Today was her wedding. Yet she would not get ready until she had the chance to get me all dolled up.

"There, there my dear Ailis. Do stand so I can see your pretty new dress."

The dress was lovely. It was full and lacy and was my favorite color, blue. Just like my eyes. The cap sleeves were trimmed with cream lace. I stood, careful not to stumble over my new dress. I slipped my white socked feet into my black shoes.

Edna clapped her hands. She wore a white dressing gown and looked so very pretty. "You look so lovely! Perfect my dear. Now go find your mother for me. I am ready to get dressed." I nodded, walking past her and went into the hallway. My parents' townhouse was rather large and showed that they were rather wealthy, but it was also dusty and unused. I disliked it greatly. For there was no wooden floors or wide windows that framed the blue sky. No meadows of emerald grass and no sheep wondering about.

I carefully and very lady-like walked downstairs. The guests were roaming the first floor, waiting for the event to start. When I stepped into the room all eyes shot right to me. The daughter who was rarely seen and never heard. The girl who was spoiled but never asked for a thing. A noble daughter born in the slums. A fraud. For my blood was dirty, stained by my poor breeding and yet they all whispered "Isn't she lovely?" I did not understand.

Mama stood near Papa, wearing a blue gown as well but one suited for a a married woman, not a girl who was yet sixteen. "Oh Harvey! Look at our child. Isn't she perfect?" Mama loved to coo over me even though she was nothing like Edna, her voice was not as soft nor as kind. But she meant well. It was Papa who I did not like. His eyes narrowed down at me and I frowned. He was tall with warm honey colored hair and hazel eyes that never sparkled. "Indeed." Was all he said. I grabbed onto Mama's lacy white gloved hand. "She is ready." I whispered. She nodded, patting my shoulder and wondered upstairs, suddenly very happy.

I did not wish to stand around like the others and be gawked at. So I slipped away out into the courtyard in the back. Being invisible was much too easy. Out back the court yard overlooked the forest that led to my beloved country side. I longed for the trees, the fresh pine needled scent, the rabbits who wondered freely. The quiet.

I sat on a stone bench, looking at the side, towards the forest. Something small and white caught my eye. I stood and walked out towards it. But it was fast, hopping like a rabbit. But rabbits didn't live in the city I knew that. I had searched. As I entered the forest it became easier to breath the toxic air.

I reached out, touches the rough bark of a tree as I passed. The light grew dim and darkness slowly engulfed me. But it was not worrisome, instead it felt as if someone I had known my whole life had gathered me in their arms. It felt right, leaving behind that awful city. All those catty people.

I stepped forward, spotting the white rabbit near a thin stream. I reached out when the ground under me fell inwards. I screamed as I fell down the dark hole. I rolled into a ball, hoping it would help me from smacking into the sides. Just as it was starting to feel like I was going to fall forever I fell onto a stack of wet hay. I sat up, pulling my black ribbon from my hair. It came undone from the braided mess and untangled. I ran my fingers through my hair and tied the ribbon back in.

"Where am I?"

It was so dark I was afraid this was what death was like. I did not enjoy it but was not afraid. I reached out my hand and felt around until I found what felt like a small door. I ran my fingers up and down until I found a door knob. It was hard and cold and made me feel alive, awake. I tugged it open and crawled inside.

The world had opened up to me. I stood in a massive forest where the ground was covered with flowers of all color and size. It smelled sweet like honeycomb. I stepped forward into the land and started into the forest. It was unlike anything I had ever seen yet so very familiar. A loud screech over head stopped me in my tracks. It did not cross my mind that beasts could be lurking in the dark gaps in between trees.

"Hello? Can someone please tell me where I am?"

When no one replied I started forward. The bushes off to my left moved. I stopped, pressing my back against the nearest tree. "Is this not London?" The sky was purple and blue, speckled with pink and white. I could not see a sun so perhaps it was night. I bent down, holding my dress to my legs.


I looked around, reaching out to move the bush."Oh do come out. I won't bite. Are you that rabbit. The white one who should not have been in the city? Are you lost...?" Suddenly a boy jumped up out of the bush. Startled I fell on to my rear. "It is not nice scaring a lady like that." The boy was odd, very pale with white fluffy hair that covered one eye. His eyes were awful, red and wide like rubies. He wore a white tunic with a red belt that matched his eyes. Two silver letters, R and B were stitched onto the belt.

He moved out of the bush. His pants were also white with black boots that reached up to his knees. His gloves had been torn so his fingers were bare. His nails were long, clawed. He held out his hand. "You aren't supposed to be here. You gotta leave little miss." He called me little as if I were younger than him. Yet he looked as if he were the one who was younger.

"I cannot leave if I do not know where I am. Do tell me."

When he opened his mouth I noticed his two front teeth were bucked like a rabbit. Had this boy been the one I had seen? Perhaps I had a fever. "Are you telling me, you do not know where you are? Yet you are here?" I nodded. "Yes indeed. Hence why I asked you to tell me. Please boy. I am going to be late."

"Late...Oh I'm going to be late."

"It's rude to copy me."

He panicked, bending down to look through the bush he had popped out of. "What are you searching for boy?" He glanced up at me over his shoulder. "My watch! I am going to be late!" He shook his head, growling in frustration. I moved next to him and stuck my hand into the bush. My fingers touched something cold, metal. I pulled it up. It was a golden pocket watch but was larger than one I had ever seen before.

He snatched it out of my hand. "Late!!! No time to deal with you. I am late! There goes my head! Late, late, late." He ran, much faster than I could, down the pathway. I glanced back at the doorway and decided to follow him. There was no way out in the way I came. I would have to find another to help me back to London. For where ever I was, it was not home.


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