Monday, December 12, 2011

Edit, Edit, Edit.

I'm a bit upset so I decided instead of ranting and creating a fuss, I would post a blog about editing and why it's important to do after you have finished your novel.

When your so focused on finishing your novel you can easily over look small mistakes that most word docs won't correct. As many wise teachers have told me....


Computers may be smart but they aren't smart enough to find small mistakes. I know my word doc likes to confuse WHERE and WERE. It doesn't like the word WERE and always tries to get me to change it to WHERE, even though I know better.

Example: He didn't know where the dog had gone.

Example: They were always around.

It's easy to mix those two up. But don't let your computer makes mistakes for you when you have it correct already. So always take a moment and really look at what the spell checker is telling you. Because half the time it's wrong.

I write very proper. ( I am. Not I'm) so I often confuse the crud out of my spell checker. But it is good for some things. Such as switching letters around, which I do because of my dyslexia when I start typing too fast. So I leave the spell checker on in case I make such a mistake.


It's always important if you are going to be showing your novel to a agent that before you do so you edit, edit, edit. Because like in a job interview you want to show the person just how good your best really is. Even the big names in the literary world makes mistakes when typing, who doesn't? Seriously if an author said to me they never made one mistake while typing I wouldn't believe them and most likely stop buying their novels.

So don't get upset if you find some mistakes while editing.

Since I'm on the subject I'll tell you one of my (very funny) mistakes I've made.

There were cows in the yard. <---- Was supposed to say crows.

My hubby and I still get a good laugh from that one. It's now an inside joke when ever we talk about birds or...front yards.

Anyway make a game out of it. Laugh at yourself and you'll find your stress will wash away. One thing I always HAVE to have when I'm editing is music. I'll sing along (when alone) and bob my head. It helps make editing fun. I'll turn off the TV (even if Law and Order SVU is on...) and focus on listening to music and editing. It really works me focus on what I'm reading.

You'll be surprised how quickly you'll get your editing done while having fun listening to music. It takes out all the stress.

Here are a few songs that really help me pay attention and are fun to sing along to.

1.In Search Of (by Miike Snow)
2.Filthy Halls (Apple Horse)
3.Riverside (Agnes Obel)
4. No light, No light (Florence + the machine)
5.Mountaineer (White Sea)

That's it for now. Tomorrow will be Teaser Tuesday.


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