Saturday, December 17, 2011


Gets you to finish things your too lazy, or afraid to finish. I finally finished my query letter. Now I'll wake up tomorrow, maybe early and fine tune it, making sure there are no mistakes and that it's ready to be shipped off to agents of my choice. I'm nervous but also very excited because this time around, after the huge rewrite and edit, I feel my novel is finally ready.

And now I have a query letter to back it up. I'm so excited I finally finished I can't stop shaking. It's a bit hard to type, it's cold too. I'm not sure why I suddenly got inspired to finish my query letter, but whatever the reason, I'm glad and won't question it. Whether it's the work of the gods or maybe just my passed loved ones, giving me an early X-mas gift, who knows.

Like my character I believe in fate.

And I feel it's finally my time to break into the literary world I have loved since I was a child. Hopefully I will hook at least one agent. I'm nervous but excited. And very ready. When I was young I suffered from a lot of learning disorders and writing and spelling was very hard for me. I'm pleased with how far I've come. Now able to spell and write properly.

This novel is my first step. I can do it.

Anyway...I should go and "try" to calm down. Even though I want to start digging into my Writer's market book right now for agents. I think I'll wait for tomorrow. A fresh day, a new start. Maybe next year will be a year of joy. And I'll finally be able to start my life.

That's it for now...

I'll post again either tomorrow or Sunday for my first Short Story Sunday. Holiday blessings and lots of joy. Blessed be those like me. Maybe for Yule I'll get my wish.

~ Jessica


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