Saturday, January 11, 2014

Onto the next project.

I just finished the second bout of editing and am very pleased with my novel. There is this moment where you look through your work and feel there is literary nothing else you can do at this point. That's when you know your done editing. So right now I'm finished. I will have my fiance read over the edited edition just in case I missed something again. I don't want to over edit it but I do want to make sure all the little and obvious mistakes are taken care of so when I send out query letters the samples will be clean and neat.

The next step is done. While I was upstairs making coffee something popped into my head for my next project and I think I now know which idea I will be writing. I guess I will be sticking to the Urban fantasy YA for a while as my next idea is also a Urban Fantasy. This one of course has a lot more magic and even more monsters. I'm very excited to get started on the research. This novel I'm basing here, in my state of Oregon since the characters will be on the run in a city, Portland fits the image I have in my head. I was thinking about having it in Seattle but decided Portland was better because its smaller. The area is perfect and since I've been there hundreds of times, it will be very easy to write about.

I'm going downtown with some friends later this month for a meeting for a panel that our friend is holding at one of the conventions we go to and I think when we're out I'll bring along my camera and take some pictures for inspiration.

But before I can really start writing my fifth novel I have a few things to do. There is a contest opening on the 14th and I want to enter From Afar into it so I need to get a 300 word synopsis finished, my long synopsis finished and my query letter done before I can move onto the next novel. I hate writing these but I have to. Hopefully all this hard work pays off this time around.

Thanks for reading.

Until next time enjoy a sneak peek at what I'm working on next.

I remember the day it happened clearly. It started pouring. The rain rattled against the windows. Then the first boom of thunder rang out. When the second wave of thunder hit the whole house shook. That was when the sky became dark. Father grabbed onto me and led me downstairs. He shut the basement door and mom him push the old couch against it. As a child I never realized why they had been so worried. Didn't they tell me that thunder wasn't something to be afraid of? It took me a few years to realize it wasn't the thunder that scared them. In fact it wasn't thunder at all. It was ground tearing open.


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