Saturday, September 8, 2012

Never been so confused

I'm back from the con. I have been for a few days but after a con you feel so down you don't really want to do anything. Plus a spider must have bit me because both my legs and feet are swollen. It really sucks. The con was great though. I had a awesome time with my friends. It really was the best con we've gone to so far.


Like the title of this post says I'm confused. I have three novel ideas I want to write all at the same time. Of course I already know that isn't possible for me right now. Plus I don't think I could focus on three different plots with numerous different characters at the same time. So I have no choice but to pick one novel and stick with it.

This is the second time I've tried to re-write the novel I'm working on. But something about it just isn't sticking with me. I feel bored and can't write it how I see it in my mind. This piece might be too big for me right now.

But I'm not really sure which novel idea to write. I know it's not good to think about which will sell better but with no job and lots to do I can't help but to think about which would sell better. Which idea is more unheard of. I just don't know. If anyone reads this post, please tell me which you'd read. I'm not going to go into the details about the plot. All are YA (Young Adult) novels

1.SteamPunk VS High Fantasy (A story where nature is taken over by steampunk. High fantasy elements as well as Victorian themes. Royal families, lies, mystery and a war between human and beast)

2. Urban Fantasy ( supernatural VS humans. The Grim Reaper is involved.)

3. Urban Fantasy (Fairies. Myths. Twists and turns, lies and betrayals.)


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