Thursday, September 27, 2012

Computer Blues

Having some issues with my computer. Although it seems to be working for now it may turn around and crash tomorrow. So I'm just playing it by ear and hoping it wont die on me. I'm almost to 10k with the novel and I'm ready to break away from what I had written in the old draft and start crafting this as a new piece. I'm hoping my computer issues don't get in my way while I work to finish this novel.

And the worst news of them all is....

Tomorrow is my last day with internet. We're having issues with the company who is supposed to do our internet and phone services. So I am unsure when I'll be able to update. I may get desperate and have to go somewhere I get some free wifi. Hopefully I'll have internet before November for NANOWRIMO so I can enter The Unnaturals and work on getting to the 50k mark or beyond. I'm really excited about the NANOWRIMO this year. It'll be my third year.


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