Saturday, September 15, 2012

This is a great book!

Since I am focusing on becoming more serious about becoming published and am making a site dedicated to my novels for agents and fans a like to view See it here I am also reading and trying to improve my writing skill as much as I can while I'm waiting to get a job. Never have I felt so dead set on reaching towards my dream. It's never felt so close.

I was bought a wonderful book today about strategies for writer's called Writer's Tools: 50 essential strategies for every writer. By Roy Peter Clark. This book which I picked up by random is really helpful! I'm only on chapter two but already I am learning new and fresh ways to use when I rewrite my novel, The Unnaturals. This book is easy to understand, gives good examples and is very useful to anyone who's trying to push their career along and learn, learn, learn. I'll put up a link to the book tomorrow for it's late, I'm tired and really wanting to dig into this book more.

I suggest taking notes when reading it.  I normally don't and lose all that info later on when I'm stuck and having a case of writer's block. I think taking notes will help in the long run, especially when there are 50 strategies. In less your great at remembering or want to whip the book out every five minutes, just take notes. It helps make you remember anyway.


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