Monday, August 20, 2012


Finally hit the 20k mark in the novel I'm writing. I wanted to be at least at25k by the con so I'm somewhat on track. But I think I'm going to aim more towards 30k so I am back on track. No more "I'm not going to write" days. Otherwise I wont be done by the time I want. I want to start pumping out query letters by the start of next year. That gives me a few months to finish the novel and then start editing and start the query and synopsis. There is still a lot to do. I have the plot worked out and outlined (not down on paper....) I even have an idea for a second novel if I decide to make it a series.  Although I do have two novels (A high fantasy/steampunk bash of awesomeness and a urban fantasy with the grim reaper himself) planned before I start on that one. This novel takes a lot out of me. I want it to the way I see it in my mind so I'm being careful and slowly spinning it into what I had first seen when I saw this world in my dreams.

But it means I'll most likely be bringing my work with me during the con. Got to remember to see what's going on with my netbook. :/


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