Friday, September 14, 2012

Inspired to become more serious

Looking over authors websites and reading over and over again that writer's seeking to become published should create their own site, I am going to make a blog which will be solely about my novels and what my future project are for agents and whomever to look at. I'm hoping this will bring me more fans and loyal friends in case I do decided to self-publish. I'm hoping it will give me something to do and will keep my mind at bay for a while since I want it to look as professional as I can make it. I also need to write up some good intros without giving too much away. I'll also be listing my playlist on there from which songs inspire me the most while writing that certain novel. Those songs that will be listed are normally the ones I keep listening to over and over again. As I create this blog/site I'll also be either writing the novel I am now, The Glass Butterfly or start on rewriting my other novel, The Unnaturals. I might try to finish the TGB before November so I can work on the Unnaturals for the National Writing Month contest. Which I tried to do before but decided to work on rewriting Promise Me instead.

This will include...

  •  Bio about me (How I started writing/Why I started)
  • Goals
  • Word/page count update
  • Info about up-coming projects
  • Info about finished novels (Promise Me)
  • Playlists
  • Inspiration/top read of the month

It'll be a lot more clean and a lot more organized than this blog which has become my blog to rant and talk about other things besides writing. As some who have read my other posts you know I am engaged. The site for my novels will have my maiden name. For I'll be keeping that as my "author name" when I get published.


I want everyone who has said I'm worthless, who has bullied me, who has put me down, or glanced over my work, to see what I can do. No my novels are not about getting back at those people. I just want them to see my name and go "Oh. I used to know her. She sure has come a long way." Ect. If I was seeking revenge or fame I'd be an actress or something. So don't get me wrong I have my reasons. Anyway, This blog will hopefully be up soon. But because I have decided to do this I have to stop working on my template for book reviews. ;_;

I will try my hardest to finish it up soon so I can start on some reviews. I'm going to Powells (The city of books in downtown Portland) sometime this month so I'll make sure to get some good, lesser known YA novels to review later on.


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