Wednesday, May 29, 2013

What I'm reading now

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I've read all three of Brenna Yovanoff's novels and I've enjoyed each one. The Replacement is by far my favorite but Paper Valentine is getting really good and might take that place of favorite. The Space Between was a bit too religious for me as I like to keep my reads neutral but I love this author. The way she writes is as if she's painting a portrait. I can see the characters in my head, feel their emotions, see what they see. And that means one thing...She's a good writer.

I picked up the Paper Valentine a few weeks ago but haven't gotten around to reading it until last night. I started reading around one and kept going until three. I sort of lost track of time. The emotion in this novel is strong. I was surprised that I was tearing up at parts. Books normally do not do that to me. But this one has and it's very inspiring.

Brenna Yovanoff is for sure up there with my top favorite authors now. I'm only on page 58 but it just keeps getting better. This book is addicting. I have to have it near me to read. It's really hard to put down.

Books are another great way to inspire yourself to improve yourself and keep writing. For a while I was so against myself and my writing I was too afraid to pick up a novel, knowing I would just compare my writing to what was inside a book. And that's very bad for not only your mind set but published books have been edited, cleaned and looked over many times. Of course your first draft isn't going to look like a published book. I was being too hard on myself and it ruined my mood for reading. But now I'm back on track and am happy with how my novel is going.

I'm going to use books as a tool. Using them to inspire me, keep me motivated. I could easily read a 300 page book in one day but I think I'll take my time with it as I'm enjoying the novel so much. I hear she's writing another novel right now. I can't wait to see what that one is call and what it will be about. I will 100% keep supporting this author as she's someone to watch.

I'll be doing these new "What I'm reading" every time I start a new book. I read fast so it could be days depending on how long I allow myself to read the book. I have one or two other new novels I haven't picked up yet so I'll post a little something about those later on too.

The book I'm most looking forward to is Holly Black's new novel, The coldest girl in Coldtown. I loved the short story version of this novel and I really cannot wait to read the full length story. It comes out in September.


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