Sunday, June 2, 2013

All nighter

My goal for today was 25,000. And as of 2:20 AM I have finally achieved that goal. I don't normally give myself short term goals like this, mainly because it will take me all day (I write in the morning then at night so I can sew and play games with my fiance when he gets off work.) which it did. I'm dead tired, ready to go crawl into bed. But I'm just so excited that the writing bug has finally bit me again. A few weeks ago I couldn't even write three hundred words without becoming bored or over-thinking. I'm glad I somehow managed to get myself back on track. To stick with one novel and focus on improving myself while I work to get the novel done.

I still have a long way to go. My goal would be about 70/80k words at the end. But knowing me that'll grow much larger when I go back in and edit. I'm going slowly, taking my time, trying new things. If I keep going at this pace I should be done by the middle of July. Which would be great! Of course when I mean done, I don't mean "Time to e-mail a bunch of agents!" No, I mean it's time to edit, let someone else read through it, get some options, edit again, start on the query letter and synopsis then edit one last time before sending out some query letters. During the time I'm working on the query letter and synopsis, I wont read the novel. Then  when I'm done and pleased with those I'll read through it, editing as I go. When I do this I normally can catch mistakes and change things I don't like or things that don't sound just right. Maybe add in that last minute detail that could make or break the novel.

I'll keep updating as I go through all these steps. It's a long road. But as the numbers grow I become more involved with this novel. I haven't even wanted to touch my short stories or side projects. And I haven't even thought about changing novels again. I'm not sure what did it. Perhaps it was the drive to to something with my life. Or the lack of jobs available in my area. Whatever it was I'm happy for it. I can now lose myself in the novel. Forget I'm the author writing and instead become the character.

Hopefully things keep going so well. I'll update again once I hit the 30,000 mark.


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