Monday, May 20, 2013

Thank you

Wow. Almost 5,000 views. That's pretty cool. When I started this blog it was mainly to write down my thoughts but has evolved into a writing blog. I never really thought so many people would view it. So thank you all who have stopped to view my posts. I appreciate it. I do want to do more with this blog but will need more active followers so for now there isn't much I can do until then.

When the views reach 5,000 I will share a full page from the novel I am writing now, The Glass Butterfly. At this point I am still editing but am really quite happy with how its going and am still inspired to keep writing this novel.  The novel is at 21,100 words right now. That's not too bad. I've cut about 1,000 words but can easily get those back once I start writing.

I like to try new things when writing novels so for this one I will have break between chapters (Voiced by the main character) by sections of therapy session conversations and notes that will give a unique look at the main character. I'll be trying to make the main character appear insane throughout the novel as the strange events become worse. Of course I can't say much more otherwise the ending will be given away. I'm most excited about the ending. It'll be great fun writing that up. I'll really be pushing myself with this novel. So hopefully all that work shows in the end.

Thanks again for all the views. Please comment, follow and share! The more views the better this blog will come!


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