Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Back on track!

I've been having some trouble staying with one novel, writing and keeping myself orderly. But ever since I got this blue journal with little silver butterflies I've found myself inspired to pick up one of my older stories. I've re-connected with the characters, the plot and am even finding myself thinking about the novel while doing other things. I got my mojo back! I've been using this journal I got as a way to keep me writing. For re-writing scenes I use it instead of opening a new word page. It's been helping me a lot. I'm thinking less about agents and what if and instead I'm thinking about how to improve, what is next in this story and it's been pretty fun. 

I keep myself busy during the day, between sewing projects and looking for a job, I write in between working on props or making lunch. And it's really becoming fun again for me. I guess I just needed to sit back and get rid of all those thoughts, to calm myself and give myself the time I needed. Now I can focus on writing again. I've been working up a playlist right now to help myself write using some of my favorite artists. This is what I've come up with so far...

I find keeping myself surrounded by inspiration while writing. It helps me keep on track. Some of the ways I do this are...


~Photos/artwork found online (I don't share these online, These stay on my computer or on my Kindle for personal use. I respect the artists and this is why I do not share them.)

~Movies and books

~Real world places (Palaces, abandoned places, forests, ect.)

Anyway my word goal sits no less than 80k. I'm not saying that's firm. Knowing me I'll go over that. I'm never firm about word goals. Once I'm writing the ending I keep going until the book basically finishes it' self.  When I have the feeling it's over I end it. I already have the ending plotted but that's the magic of writing. It can end it's self. 

I'm already at 22k and have high hopes for this novel. It's a fairytale sort of. But darker and more emotional. Like one of my favorite quotes goes...

"No tears in the writer, no tears in the reader." -George Moore

I want to really dig deeper into emotion. Focus on creating lots of tension and high emotional attachment. Meaning I'm going to kill a lot of characters off. Just kidding. This novel doesn't have many characters for me to kill off, unlike my other ones. Lol

So stayed tuned and check back. I'll be updated often as I write and share my experiences. And thank you for reading again! It means a lot. Not only do I have two watchers now but I've gotten another comment. If you comment and I don't respond do forgive me. For some reason Blogger no longer tells me if I have a new comment or what not. It's annoying and I'll try to fix that later on.


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