Friday, May 24, 2013

Going good

I haven't skipped the novel and moved on to another yet. I've been thinking about new ideas, new characters and new thrills to add to it. As well as getting really excited about the new additions that I will be adding into the novel. The main character is growing on me. I feel connected to her like I do with the cast from my first novel.

Characters are amazing. When you take the time to draw them up from nothing, give them likes and dislikes, they become real. My favorite thing is challenging them. Creating new twists and turns along their journey. I don't like mushy "moe-girl" books. I like that thrill, a consent threat that lingers throughout the novel. So I'm trying my best to take things slow (Thanks for that advice reader!) and am trying to really dig deeper into the plot.

And its going great. I'll admit I haven't had much time to write due to my job search and sewing (And gaming. Lol) but when am I editing or writing I feel really interested and good about this novel. So I'm going to try my best to keep it going. When I start writing from where I left off I want to aim about 1,700/800 words per day. This way not only will I write everyday but I will be done within a month or two. Which is great. I plan on taking about a month to edit and rewrite before starting on writing a synopsis and query letter. After I am comfortable with the novel and those important letters then I will start finding some agents and sending out some query letters.

That will be a fun/anxious adventure as it always is. And I will make sure I write all about that when the time comes. And when it does I'll make sure I'm 100% ready.


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