Wednesday, January 30, 2013

What to do?

Have I lost my touch?
The words wont flow.
My fingers become stiff.
The scenes are in my mind.
Playing out like a movie.
The plot is all there.
The characters ready to preform.
Yet there is something blocking my path.
Had the journey stopped?
When did I become so lost?
The thoughts wont go away.

Will this sell?

It wont.
It's bad.
Again, you've failed.
Give up.

Someone is always better, no matter how hard you try.

They'll always be what I can't.
Forget about those stupid dreams.
That's all they are.

You've lost your touch.

Another dead end?
A road block too heavy to lift?
A dark cloud raining upon only my head?

You have the tools.
The characters ready
The plot set
The creatures restless
Music to guide you
And a mind open

There is a fear.
That lingers here.
Like a scar.
From long ago.
It sits and waits.
Until I strike.
Then everything...

Crumbles down.


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