Tuesday, January 15, 2013


I've figured out what's going wrong with my writing. Why I can't focus, why it isn't fun all of a sudden. When I was writing Promise Me, I tried something new and changed it from third to first. And it went really well. The story took on life and I was finally able to give my beloved characters life. But now that I'm writing a new novel I'm realizing first person isn't working and because of that I'm really falling behind and finding myself losing sight of what of my dream. 

And that is not good.

So now I'm faced with the tough choice...

Do I start over?

Or do I force myself to keep going?

I'm so stuck I don't know which way is which. Besides this I have to worry about getting a job, sewing, and hearing about my family's financial problems which is affecting us all. Its very stressful and I've lost the one thing that used to give me joy, a break away from my reality. 

Its time I start over and rework myself. 

Its a new a year.

Its time to get more serious, learn more and try new things. So I suppose starting over wouldn't be bad. But I want input so I guess I'll be brave and post a few samples online and see how it goes. Perhaps I'm just freaking out and over thinking things, which I do a lot, or maybe I'm right and working in third person is what I'm good at. 

So I'm going to think it over, write a few samples and see where it takes me.

Trying will never hurt you. So take a few risks now and again. Learning will only make you improve.


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