Sunday, February 3, 2013

Game day

Turn on the TV, pop some popcorn, sit on a comfy couch, family all around....Wait what? Heck no. I don't mean THAT game day. Today is the start. I'm not allowing myself to go back, to pick at myself and my writing anymore. All those thoughts about "Will this sell?" or "Is it good enough" are being evicted out from my head. I'm taking a stand and planning things out, changing things if they must but not allowing myself to write less than 2,000 words a day. I have to catch up to where I wanted to be by now. Sure it'll be a lot of work seeing as I'm trying to find a job, sewing two costumes all while trying to find enough time to chill, put on some music and get lost in my writing like I used to.

So today is truly a game day. Maybe not the kind you're getting ready for. I'm planning things out, changing a few smaller details and starting where I left off. I have to stop and sew around two-three to try and finish up one of the costumes so I have to start soon. 

So I'm keeping this post short. There is much to be done right now. day I'll be able to step into the shoes I long for. Many other writers have the same dreams, NewYork Times best seller, touring around the world with other authors, perhaps entering the same agency as their favorite author. I might not be special  in that case....but as long as I can inspire others I don't really care what happens from there. 

But I feel it's time. 

So wish me good luck...or no, send me positive thoughts. I could use those more. Ta-ta for now. I have much to do. If you are also a writer and are stuck, take a few days off, calm your thoughts, watch your favorite movies, inspire yourself. Everything else will come when you allow it to. Good luck to you too. 


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