Friday, January 11, 2013

The deadline

Its a new year. And I'm really going to focus hard on getting my novel The Invisible Prince. Although I'm very tempted to start work on my other project, I'm going to stay firm with this novel and get it done. My time is split between sewing cosplays, writing and trying to find a job. Its hard to stay focus, stay motivated but I really need to try harder, to focus on what's important and that's writing.

So I'm going to set myself a deadline and start writing a certain amount each night. This way I can have a set goal and will become more organized. I'm being hard on myself, trying to learn how much as I can since I am unable to go to college for writing. Learning, writing and pushing myself to complete this novel should help get it done.

My deadline is now: March twenty first

Word count: 1670

The deadline is set on my twenty first birthday because that's all I want. I want to prove to myself I can write 

more than two novels and that one is good enough, that I'm good enough to be published. Its going to be 

long road with lots more learning along the way. But I'm not going to just stop and give up. I may start 

writing two novels at the same time but I'm not sure. the other project is really speaking to me and I'm 

inspired to write it. But my fantasy novel comes first and that's what I'll focus on.

Hopefully this new plan will jump start me into working harder. 


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