Wednesday, January 16, 2013

I'm back!

I really didn't go anywhere but I have started getting over my writer's block and am finally getting ideas, the words are finally starting to flow again. This post will be short because I need to write. I'm not giving up on the novel I'm writing right now, my novel The Invisible Prince isn't going to be rewritten in third person. I had a few people read it and although it did sound more professional there was much more detail when I wrote in first. I'm going to keep my deadline and keep writing.

I am however going to rewrite it. To give it a fresh start.

I'm adding something more to the novel. Instead of being a normal fantasy book with humans and dragons and such I'm adding a third race to battle against the human, making the dragons a neutral but dying race that isn't seen as a threat anymore because of their low numbers.

I'm not going to give away which creature I'm using. But I'll tell you I'm using lots of mythical inspiration. I'm also adding some new twists on my dragons. I haven't or read these being added to the dragon race before although they have been mentioned in some stories.

It'll be pretty interesting plot to write. I was doubting myself, my novel and my writing skills but instead of thinking about all that and getting published I'm going to just have fun and do what I do best, write until my joints become stiff.

Writing as a career is my dream. I've given up enough things, enough dreams. I'm not letting go of this. Its a new year and I'm going to really try to push myself so one day I too can inspire teens and young adults.


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