Sunday, August 19, 2012

Book Reviews

I'm going to go ahead and bring back book reviews since I don't have much to write about on this blog right now. Since I'm writing a novel right now and I really don't feel comfortable sharing about my work in less it was going to be published and had a copyright on it. So mean while I'll start doing two new things for this blog.

Detailed book reviews 

I'm creating a template for this now, so it'll be organized with what you need and what to know before reading the book. There will be two version, one that explains the whole book, plus the ending and one that has no spoilers. This could take a while as I'm getting ready for a con. But It'll be done soon. I may also do little reviews about manga too. Most of the reviews will be about YA (Young Adult) novels. Mainly what is on my shelf. I will however do some fiction novels as well.


Whatever I find on the web that inspires me for what I'm writing. I'll mainly being using pictures from search engines or on a share site. No artwork will be shown without the artist permission or in less I have bought a copy myself (Which I buy at least one piece of art from every con I go to.) If I wind up some how using something that belongs to you, please tell me and I will either give you credit or take the piece down if that is what you seek.

This won't happen right away since I'm leaving for a con on the 31st and I have a lot to do in order to get ready for that. So it will take some time.


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