Tuesday, August 7, 2012

A thanks for you

My goodness. So many views lately. I'm not sure what I did but I thank everyone who's read one of my posts. Means a lot even if you are silent. I'm just glad that someone is lurking around and I'm not writing to myself. So thank you one and all who reads my posts. It's nice seeing the numbers jump.

Writing is going good for me. I'm getting back into the swing of things and becoming lost in the world I'm creating once more. Working on a novel is a serious commitment and it takes a long time to finish. Even when it's done, polished and maybe one of your best works you can still go through a lot of rejection. Blogging about my writing experience is a lot of fun and good way to release that stress that builds over time. I am thinking of the possibility of self-publishing my other novel, Promise Me but not until I work up a fan-base and get a paying job. So I hope one of you steps forwards and starts commenting. I'd love to hear your thoughts, how your novel is going.

My novel is at 18,112 words right now and 61 pages. I'm working my little behind off. Between working out and getting ready for the con I'm pretty busy but writing comes first and as I keep going forward, reaching my goal I'm really feeling okay about this novel. It may not be a best seller but I have high hopes it might get picked up and published. At least I hope so...

So once again and I cannot stress this enough. THANK YOU. For reading my blogs.


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