Sunday, August 19, 2012

Happy Birthday

You should be here
Somewhere near
Today should have been
But isn't
I see it in mind
All planned out
A party just for you
Laughing loudly
I forgot again
It should have been honored
Keeping you alive

Happy birthday.

I know your name.

And I'll never forgot it.

A sea of dead grass and gray flowers
A feeling of dread and loneliness blooms
The trees guard it in silence
With one road that curves around in a cirle
It leads some into it's shadows
Where they realize
Life is precious 
And time has stopped here
Somewhere along those stones
You lay in piece
Hidden by the earth 

You are kept within a locket
With Alice smilling outside of it
Guarding you from stray eyes
Inside lies your past
Who you were
Who you could have been
When you left us
I seek you out
Like the rarest of all gems
Shining somewhere
Awaiting to be seen
You were here
At one point
And were loved
So very loved
In my thoughts you live
Fresh and happy
And someday
We will meet.

It's unreal
It's a nightmare
It's reality

Happy birthday to you
I wish you were here
So you could be showered with love
For you were born into this world
And were taken back so suddenly
But will always be remembered

Happy Birthday Heather.



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