Friday, August 3, 2012

Updated book goal

Two blog posts in one night? CRAZZZZY. Yeah. Deal with it. I'm in a writing sort of mood. Any who...

I just reached my goal of 15k. Now I want to push myself since all my cosplay props are down and ready for the con at the start of September, I want to reach 25k by the end of the month before I have to leave for the con. I plan for this novel to be around 70,000 words. But knowing me it'll turn out 100,000 just like I did with my last novel. I want to be done by October. That's only two months to work on it. But I can do it. If I put my mind to it. I've started out slow and now am getting more into this story. I've put myself in the character's shoes and am walking fast. I hope this will be published. So I can start my career and publish my other novel. As well as the ones I plan on writing. For November I plan on starting my high fantasy novel for National Writing Month.

I named this novel The Glass Butterfly. Although I may still change it.


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