Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Three months

I don't want to be one of THOSE writers who write and write and enjoy writing so much it's all they really want to do but don't try to get published. They give up and have tons of novels and short stories and who knows what laying around on their computer for their eyes only. It's sad. I don't want to give up and be like that. Just another wannabe writer posting their works on DA so less than ten people can read it. Then, of course, steal the idea and make it their own.

I want to be someone who inspires. And like I've said to provide a place for teens to escape to. To paint a picture in words that so magical it inspires others to open their minds and be creative. But that's going to happen by sitting still. I think if all ten agents I queried say no I'll stop there and focus 100% on the two novels I'm writing now.

The Unnaturals is my main focus. It's a Urban Fantasy and I plan on it being around 70k in length. My deadline? I'm planning to finish this sucker within three months. Three months?!?! That's nothing.  I've finished a novel in one. So I should be able to do this is I write 2000 words per day. I already have a awesome hook for the query letter and synopsis so I'm really hoping this will be my break out novel if Promise Me can't hook a agent.

The other novel I'm working on (weekends only) is Insomnium. I just finished out lining this one and I'm really excited to write this one but it can't be rushed. And since the Unnaturals is more finished I'm putting all my attention on it.

The Unnaturals-6k

Don't give up on yourself.


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