Monday, April 16, 2012

The evil and scary Synopsis

Synopsis. What a horrible word. It's basically summing up your whole novel in two to three pages. For me my novel is 100k+ words. It's not easy. I don't think it is for anyone. Nor is it fun. But after getting no replies from agents from just sending out a one page query letter, I've about had it. So I'm finally aiming all my attention towards this evil thing called a synopsis.

It's hard for me being this means I have to suck it up and finally send it to the agents I've been eying since I've finished my project (Promise Me) The one company is highly interested in paranormal YA novels and not only that but my favorite author and role model is apart of that amazing company. It's small and homey where the agent truly cares about his authors. I want that. But I'm very jittery about sending him my work.

Fear will be the end of me I swear. But I can't give up and I wont. I have too much on the line. I want to prove my worth to everyone. I CAN do this. I'm aiming towards a three page synopsis but I'm pretty sure it might end up two pages. Most agents say two-three pages so as long as it's more than one page, not rushed I believe it'll be okay.

Someone asked me what is the first thing I want to do once I'm published. I told them that I want to get married. We've been unable to get married because my lacking a job. Our wedding won't cost much since it'll be in my parent's backyard just like they did when they got married. I've always dreamed of it and I think once I'm published and have that first payment that's what I'll do. Besides that I want to help out my parents. And donate some new books to the library because that's where my love of reading bloomed.

And of course...

Inspire those who are turning to books in order to escape the real world. Because I've been one of those teens before. Books saved me from a lot of pain. I want to help someone too just like all those authors did for me.


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