Monday, April 16, 2012

Dealing with the lack of support

This is a topic I have yet to see written. Perhaps most authors have wonderful families that support their every move. For me, I am not so lucky. My parents (mainly my mother) go around saying very hurtful and negative things towards my goals and dream of being published. So this topic is just screaming to be written by me. So I'm going to try not to rush this post. Because If ind it very important for inspiring writers who are lacking the support they deserve.

Being a writer is a wonderful thing. Authors are not only role models but are hard workers that are able to inspire and change peoples' lives. What better than that? When I was depressed and was seeking a way out from being bullied round the clock I found myself digging deeper into novels, reading larger books and growing a wider range of books I was reading. I wanted to fade away into the books, to become one of the characters. It kept me alive. Giving me a place to run away to without having to deal with real people.

There is always one person who is willing to support you. For me it's my husband to be. He knows how much I put into my work and has seen how my mother complains about my writing. He listens to my rants, smooths my anger and helps me with editing. As long as I have him I don't need my parents to support me. Although it would be nice for them to take some interest in myself. It just wont happen any time soon.

If you don't have that one person perhaps you can find another way. I haven't tried this yet but I might be soon enough, leave when your working on your writing. Go to a library, a public area (that's safe of course. You don't need your laptop stolen or something.) that you can sit down and write without anyone bugging you.

Another good way (if you are brave enough) is to sit down with your parents or sibling/s and explain why it's important for them to support you in your interests. This might give you a chance to show them a sample of your work and show them just what you can do. If that doesn't work explain why it's important. Tell them about how getting published works. Maybe they don't understand the market. Just talk. It might work for you.

If you have friends they can be another good way to get things off your chest so you can write without having to be pissed off at someone else.

And if all fails. Just don't bring up your interests. Make them wonder, make them want to know what's going on. This works for my brother. I'll be trying it soon. Being sneaky isn't always the best and it's kind of rude but if your parents are as stubborn as mine, good luck is all I can say.


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