Thursday, April 19, 2012

Here goes nothing, or everything.

Now that I've finally finished my synopsis and my query letter has been polished to the point it's so shiny I can't stop reading it, I'm ready to start sending out query letters. It's always a nerve racking time when you put yourself and your work on the line. But when you have nothing, it's really not too bad. I'm pretty excited this time around. My novel has been edited, my query letter (shiny!) and my synopsis has been finished and of course, looked over. I'm ready to go.

When I get ready to send out queries I always have to get myself calm and focused. You don't want to be all giddy and overly excited, thinking every single agent you send a query to is going to be like "OMGIWANTTHISNOVELNOW!" No...You need to calm down and focus. Act like an adult. Agents aren't going to bite your head off or anything. If they they say no, it's for the best. It just means your work doesn't interest them.

Wouldn't you rather have an agent be interested rather than dragging their feet on your project? I would want someone who's passionate about my project and what's to come from me. So if I get a ton of rejections I'll be okay because I know I'm just THAT much closer to finding that one person who's going to get my work on book shelves.

So if you are getting ready to send out queries keep in mind this. No is okay. Rejection is just a building block. You'll have to deal with it. All authors (even best sellers) do. So keep that pretty little head of yours up and get yourself some coffee, it might be a late night.


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