Wednesday, January 22, 2014

How can this be so easy?!? (Tumbler link inside.)

Never in my life (I've only been writing novels for seven years now. So by "life" I mean seven years.) has writing a synopsis been this easy. Last night I forced myself to sit down and focus on my synopsis. I'm not sure if its the fact I found a few agents who may fit really well with my novel or the fact this novel just makes more sense than my others, or what. But I'm finding it very easy to write out my novel synopsis this time around. Which is great. Hell, I'm not complaining. I'm loving it.

The problem is I'm almost at three pages! The first page is great. It's been looked at, edited and I'm feeling very good about it. The second page is still being worked on. My fiance has looked it over. I edited and am now writing a section he thought was a bit rushed, which I agree (I wrote it in a few minutes after all.) I am worried that I am almost at three pages since the section I have re-written has grown in size. Which is good and bad. I'm very happy with how easy this whole process has been. Maybe it's because I've improved and I haven't really realized just how much I have improved my writing skills and knowledge. That's why research is always important, (Whether its on, query letters, synopsis, ect.)

In other news I may not be writing on this blog any longer.

Yes. I made a Tumbler.

So check that out. I'll be writing there daily.

Thank you reading.


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