Sunday, January 29, 2012

Era- Victorian

So last night I came up with an awesome idea. But before I explain that I'll explain why the idea is so awesome. My newest project is to rewrite my second novel, Insomnium. I already changed it from third to first person and the main character from male to female. But something was still missing. When I wrote it still felt like empty.

So last night I suddenly thought of an idea.

What if I changed the era to Victorian?

Not only would it make more sense, but it would give me a chance to express my deep love for the era. Plus doing research is always fun as hell. I'm going write a blog for each topic I research. I'm planning on making this a very gritty, dark story. So most of the things I research may be a bit...odd. But that's what makes it fun! It's different.

Victorian Pictures, Images and Photos


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