Friday, January 27, 2012

Amazon contest

I entered my novel, Promise Me into the Amazon breakthrough novel contest the first day it opened. I'm very pleased with my work and feel it's ready to be published. The next few months are all about my journey during the contest. Since it's the main thing I'm focusing on right now.

Until February 5th when the doors close and no more novels can be entered I'm going to be going through and nit picking at certain things that I feel need to be edited.

Here are the key dates.

January 23, 2012- Contest is open!!

February 5, 2012-Submission closed.

February 23, 2012- 2,000 entries moving to Second Round

March 20, 2012 (Day BEFORE my 20th b-day)- Top 500 (Quarterfinalists) announced, Publishers Weekly reviews each Quarter-Finalists' full manuscript. Amazon customers can download, rate, and review Excerpts on, providing feedback to Penguin Editors about submissions.

April 24, 2012- Top 100 (Semifinalists) announced.

Penguin Editors reading Semi-Finalists' manuscripts to pick the 6 Finalists. Amazon customers continue to download, rate, and review Excerpts, and read Publishers Weekly reviews of Semi-Finalists' full Manuscripts

May 22, 2012- 6 Finalists announced. Amazon customers vote to pick the Winners

June 16, 2012- Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award Winners announced

While placing these on here I noticed they had changed them from last year! They must have gotten a ton of complaints, some from me. About the fact they had random people choosing our fate during round three. These people are untrained and not needed. This time it seems the editors will be taking their place. This gives me hope I might make it past round three!!!


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