Sunday, November 4, 2012


Hey guys. Sorry I hadn't updated about NaNoWriMo yet. I've been busy.....trying to add a new member to my family. You see a while ago my family's dog Tasha had to be put down and it was very hard but she had cancer and couldn't stand up on her own so it was time. Her bonded friend, Carmen( My mom's doggie) has been heart broken and depressed ever since. And by chance I found a dog that needs a forever home. Something about her has stolen my heart and I just can't thinking about her. I cried last night so heart broken that my brother (Who's been asking for a second dog for a while now) didn't want to help me have us rehome her. Instead he wants a puppy. Not a two year old, trained, fixed with updated shots, quiet dog, who has been passed around from shelter to shelter and then once she found a good home her owner's boyfriend kicked them out. I'm very upset over that because if he in fact got a puppy I'd be the one stuck raising, training, grooming and ect. I'm not up for raising a puppy right now, not when I'm about to start working soon. My dad has lots of medical issues and may be home all day but in no way can handle a hyper puppy alone. It just wouldn't work.

So I finally brought up the topic on her tonight and my dad seemed to think I was joking. I didn't feel he took me very seriously, even through I DO have a job and can pay for everything now. So I came up with a plan (I'm stubborn I get it from my dad) that is both logical and mature. I'm going to type up a cost plan, what it would cost me to own my own dog on my pay. A promissory note, saying that I will take full responsibly for the dog and the cost on my own and that I promise to pay a boarding fee (Which would help them if times get tough again) A pro and con sheet, saying what would be good about bringing another dog into our home and what might be bad about it. As well as the reason I feel I want this dog.

Luckily for me I'm getting married soon and plan to move out within five/six months or sooner, after there have been a few pay checks in the bank, so taking this dog wouldn't be long term for my parents. I'm not sure why my dad is so against having another dog, I think maybe it's because he believes that he'll end having to pay for her. And they are over-looking the fact I do have a job. So I hope this will help them take me seriously and really have them think about it. My mom has already said she doesn't care and that Carmen does need someone to play with since she's non-stop mopey lately.

It's taking a lot of my focus away but it's okay. Because I've still been able to get my word count done for each day so far (expect the second day of NaNoWriMo, because I had lot everything that I had written that day and got upset.) But I've been doing good and my novel is now at 11k. Not bad, but I should be a lot farther. But I'll keep trying, pushing myself to do better. Even if that means I only write a 100 extra words.


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