Monday, July 9, 2012


So I'm still not feeling too well. Had my doctor appointment today and I had blood drawn. Plus I'm going to a neurologist later this week or next week (hopefully) so hopefully they can figure out what is going on. Now enough about my health.

I'm going to focus a bit more on this blog and get it back on track to where it should be. That means more book reviews, more short stories (maybe) and more in sight on writing and agent lists. As well as lists on good sites for writers. And sites that do fun events, such as National Writing Month, ect.

For now I'm writing a project called "The Glass Butterfly."This is going to be a mix between Urban fantasy and mystery. I'm working on creating a very specific mood for this novel. I really want to capture that creepiness and loneliness that I had originally envisioned for this plot. It's going to be tough because I have to take breaks from the computer for helath reason but luckily for me I have a huge amount of journals and notebooks laying around, so I've also been hand writing scenes while I'm taking a break from the computer. It's been a great way to get out of my writer's block and feel at "one" with my story again.

I'm planning on this novel being 70K words and around 200 words. A pretty easy read. Not sure how many chapters yet but I love to name each chapter so I'm already planning ahead on titles. So I'm going to go work right now. I want to get to to 15k by next weekend and I still have a LOT of edit/rewriting to do in order to get into the mood for the novel.


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