Saturday, July 21, 2012

Deadline set

For my recent novel that I'm writing, The Glass Butterfly (May or may not change name) I had no deadline and had been writing it VERY slowly. So slow its like all my creativity and ideas were about to burst. So I changed the plot and added some spice to my main character and BAM. I found my way out of my rut and have been writing just like I used to.

So I decided I need to set a deadline. So I decided that October would be a good time. Now you notice I only set a month not a exact day. I don't like to rush. If I finish half way through October I'm happy. As long as I finish within that month I'll be pleased knowing my work is my best so far and that I took a few extra days to go through and fix anything I find sounding odd.

So don't rush when setting a deadline for yourself.

Focus on your project. (Re-plot, change a behavior, add more spice.)

Good luck!


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