Saturday, June 29, 2013

Writing journal 1

Date: 6/28/`3

Word count: 31,467.

Time started: 10:40 P.M

Songs for the night:

Fear and Loathing- Marina And The Diamonds
Just So- Agnes Obel
Sally I can see you- Kimbra
Doubt- Delphic
State of Dreaming- Marina And The Diamonds
Breath Of Life- Florence + The Machine
Paddling Out- Miike Snow
Cult Logic- Miike Snow
Major Tom- Shiny Toy Guns
Lies- Marina And The Diamonds

Time stopped: 1:47 AM

Word count: 34,000

Holy crap! What a long night. Been working on my novel for a few hours. I'm finally getting to a major event in which is the opening for many more major events and boy, is it getting exciting. I've turned off all my shows, movies and silly youtube videos, put on music and have found myself finally getting back into this novel. I'm connecting with the characters, getting lost in the world I'm writing about. It's really coming along well. 

I'll be doing these writing journals each time I write (If I have time.) So I can keep track of my word count. Plus it's something I've been wanting to do but haven't' done yet. So that's all for now. I'm tired as hell and have a lot to do tomorrow. Bye for now!


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