Friday, April 5, 2013

My writing goals for 2013

I try to write up a list (or mentally write it) about what I would like to improve. While I've been trying to find the right story to right I've been finding myself saying "I should improve so and so" so I'm going to go ahead and write a list about a few things that I want to improve in my writing.

1. Emotion

Although emotion seems easy enough, strong emotions can be hard to catch. I'm pretty good with emotion in dialog  but keeping a feeling going throughout the whole novel is one thing I'm working on.

2. Not giving up on a novel half way through

I've seriously done this about three times now. I start worrying about "Will this sell?" and such. I need to focus on enjoying the plot and getting the novel done before worrying about that sort of stuff.

3. Improving my vocab

New words are a great way to spice up anyone's writing. I would like to use my thesaurus more often.

I may add more later but for now those are what I'm trying (hoping) to focus on.


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