Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Novel update

Where I am at so far. I've decided to update at least once a week to keep track of where I'm at. As well as having a post for how far I've gotten starting today. So this will be a short, to the point quick post.

Novel title: The Invisible Prince
Word goal: 70-80k
Genre: Young Adult, fantasy/steampunk, Adventure
Word count now: 8,720  (Walter's chapter is at 2,442) Total: 11,162

Plot has been completely finished, smoothed out and polished.

Outlining needs to be finished for later chapters, Walter's chapters and the third person chapters.

Third person chapters need to be worked out, who's going to be the main person we're watching, how this random character is connected to the the main character, Eliza.


VictorianMess said...

Ah, wish this site would alert me when I get a comment. Thank you for viewing my blog. Keeping a word goal helps me stay on track. Not every writer needs one it just helps me stay orderly. I almost always go over my word goal last time when writing my first novel I had a goal of 50k and ended up well over 100k so it's not firm. But thank you for advice. Thank you so kindly for reading and commenting!

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