Monday, June 4, 2012

The Glass Butterfly- Giving an old idea new life

As you might have read before I was calling my novel Insomnium which is one of the older ideas of mine but its already been denied by agents. So not only did I give the plot a huge make-over to the point its now a different plot but the characters have changed and evolved into new people, all their own. So it was only a matter of time that the novel got its own name. So after a making a list of possible  and unique ideas I chose THE GLASS BUTTERFLY. For in many cultures the butterfly is a symbol of rebirth and in the novel the main character has to chose between the world she belongs and the world she longs to be in. She deals with having to give up everything to become who she was born to be. So I thought the name was not only fitting but ties in with the theme and plot very well.

Its also more modern and easy to say unlike Insomnium which means nightmares in Latin. Instead of naming the novel nightmares I thought the title needed to be something more, something that was heavily connected to the plot in a way that it foreshadows what's to come.

I'm out lining my novel right now and I'm finding myself falling more in love with the plot as I go on, creating these new lives, these new dangers and twists and turns. When people read it I want them to cry, I want them to smile when needed and to feel the emotions I felt while writing it. Because I believe that is what was missing in my other novels. Feeling. I hadn't allowed myself to really feel the emotions. I kept myself away from it, reminding myself that I shouldn't treat those words I wrote like a baby. But by doing I lost myself and the emotion.

So this time I owe it to myself and my future readers to give it that emotion. This time I promise you it'll be amazing. I'm focusing on creating a mysterious, wonderful world that is not only beautiful but dangerous. Like a piece of glass, sharp but beautiful when reflecting light. Another reason the name ties in with the plot. It may seem beautiful and delicate but its sharp and deadly. I'm very excited to get this novel done so someone can publish it and it'll be able to inspire people.

So when creating a new plot out of a old plot make sure you breath new life into it. Give it new twists, new turns that surprise even you. Put in emotion but don't coddle your book when trying to get it published. Give yourself the freedom and creative needed to create a piece of art. 


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