Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Outling, Pros and cons

I normally don't like posting post after post but since I'm about to do a major outlining spree I thought it might be interesting for those who are in the same boat. I find outlining very important for many reasons. Here are some...

  • Helps keep you within your word count goal
  • Helps keep you from getting side tracked/ long winded on unimportant scenes
  •  If you get lost, it guides you
  • Works wonders for writer's block
  • Helps keep the plot strong
  • Good to use when rewriting the project

So those are just a few of the reason that I can think of right now. (Its past eleven and I'm a bit tired.) But anyway besides those here are some pros and cons of outlining. Of course remember just because your writing a novel, doesn't mean you have to outline. For the most part I outline my novels but during rewrites I normally don't. I go with the flow. In fact just because you have a outline doesn't mean you can't "go with the flow" and change something.


  • Takes lots of time
  • Things might change as you write the chapter (Go with the flow!)
  • Blocks the fun/creative process.
  • You might not even use it!
  • Waste of paper/time

I can't really think of many cons because I find it fun to outline but those are just some that I thought might come up if speaking to someone who disagrees.  So I'll go ahead and continue on.  When I outline I make sure to do it by chapter or by events. You'll find doing both very useful when writing up a synopsis and query letter. The novel I'm working on now is one I've rewritten twice. So not only did I give it a complete make over  but I'm also changing some the major plot events as well as a new title. But while I'm writing I'm finding myself all over the place, wondering what should come next so I'm leaning towards outlining this novel since the plot is new and the twists are major.

So in order to make sure I don't miss out on any of those hidden twists I'm planning it all out on paper. I love going back to read it anyway. Its a way of becoming inspired I suppose or motivated to keep going on wards towards getting this novel published. I stopped sending out queries for my other novel, Promise Me since agents don't seem to be interested in what goes bump in the night (werewolves) This novel is pretty different. I just hope I can manage writing it as I see it in my mind.


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