Saturday, November 26, 2011

The books

So right now I have two novels that are about getting an agent.

The writer's guide to queries,pitches and proposals. By Moira Allen.


How to get a literary agent. By Michael Larsen, AAR.

Both books are very detailed and well written. To my surprise they are even helpful! I've found some books about this subject before and they didn't help at all but these two are very informative. And who knows maybe they'll be the books that help me find an agent.

Right now I'm reading the first book I mentioned because I'm set on writing my query letter first. Last time I sent out queries for this novel I was very bad at writing them and the story wasn't very good. Now that I did a major change to it and rewrote it, I have to rewrite the query letter. (Oh joy) This week and next week is all about writing a query.

I personally believe you should sit down and focus on the query only. Since it's such a important piece of getting your book out in stores. I can just sit and stare at my computer screen until something comes to mind.

I'll list some good sites for learning the basics of writing a query letter below.
This site is very good for people brave enough to let others read over their novel and query letter. It's very helpful with kind people, willing to give you help.

This site is the first place you want to check out. Not only to learn a bit about queries but this site is easy to use for searching for agents. On the left hand side they have a drop down menu of nonfiction and fiction novels. Pick your type and click search. You'll see what I mean. If you are like me, you need to see examples. This is the place to go. They have tons to view and offer you some good ideas of how to start your query.

Has some great information about what not to do when writing a query letter. If your writing one it's important to know what not to write, so take a peek at this site.

If these didn't help you can always check agents' blogs. At lot of times they have information about writing query letters and finding an agent. That's all the links I can post today.


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